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CEO, entrepreneur, Barrie Bergman, Donald Trump, Josh Conviser


CEO, entrepreneur, Barrie Bergman, Donald Trump, Josh Conviser
CEO, entrepreneur, Barrie Bergman, Donald Trump, Josh Conviser

Frankly speaking   

Successful entrepreneur, Barrie Bergman, with two multi-million dollar enterprises under his belt, can share his knowledge and experience in the business world with you.  Barrie is someone who isn't afraid to speak the truth, someone an audience will always remember.  For your next conference or seminar contact Barrie


  • Ethics in Business

Businesses are constantly faced with ethical conundrums.  Adhering to ethics and fighting the urge to do whatever it takes requires strong leadership.  Barrie shares his strong leadership skills and insights on how to create an environment where ideas are encouraged, employees are motivated, and ethical behavior is the norm. 


  • One Person Can Make a Difference

Having the right people in place is key to success in business.  While one person can screw everything up, another person can have a positive effect on the bottom line.  Learn from Barrie how to build a team by hiring the right people, keeping them accountable, and weeding out the malcontents.


  • Leadership Styles that Work

You can always tell if you’re a leader.  Just look over your shoulder.  Leaders develop followership.  In this program Barrie introduces a unique approach that combines down to earth charisma with heart.  Barrie shows you how real leaders create a loyal following.


  • Having Fun and Balance in Your Life

Enjoying your job and finding balance in your life are important strategies for success in business and life.  Barrie defies an erroneous belief that getting results and having fun can’t happen at the same time.  “Not only can you have fun while making a profit, your profits will be more abundant, if you are having fun along the way.”

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