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Table of Contents

Nice Guys Finish First

Prologue: It’s Only Rock n’ Roll, But I Like It

               From Music Fan to Rockin' CEO

How I Came to Be a Music Man

Having a Rockin' Good Time

Today in the Business World

Part I: Money Changes Everything
  1. We’ll Get Rich a Few Days Later
Adhering to ethics
  2. What Goes Around Comes Around
Getting back what you put out
  3. Greed is NOT Good
Screwing people over for the love of money
  4. License to Kill
Fighting the urge to do whatever it takes
  5. Money Can Buy Fun Toys
But it can't buy love

Behind the Scenes With Barrie
    Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
Dining at Michael Jackson’s

Part II: No Donalds Allowed
  6. Don’t Defecate Where You Live
Creating a fun place to work
  7. He Said She Said
Squelching the gossip mill
  8. 357 Magnum Style Management
Managing by intimidation
  9. Who Gets the Credit?
Leave your ego at the door
  10. Firing Someone is Never Easy
Procrastinating only makes it harder to do

Behind the Scenes With Barrie
    Moments to Remember
Meeting extraordinary people

Part III: The Pyramid Starts at the Top
  11. Follow the leader
Glance over your shoulder, is anyone following?
  12. The Pyramid Theory
Good people beget good people
  13. The Hiring Decision
Listening to your gut
  14. Organizations Owe Loyalty to People
Layoffs are a serious breach of trust
  15. A Corollary to The Peter Principle
Sometimes jobs outgrow people

Behind the Scenes With Barrie
    The Celebrity Circuit
Hanging out in the fast lane

Part IV: People Who Are Successful, Are Successful
  16. Don’t Give it All at the Office
Beware of the workaholic culture

Winners Win
Identifying the good people


Customer Service is an Art
Where everybody knows your name

Behind the Scenes With Barrie
    She’s Got Bette Davis Eyes
Amazing elevator encounters and more

Part V: People Are The Best Game
  19. The Secret to Relationship Success
Learning to love and appreciate yourself
  20. How We Present Ourselves
Observing human behavior

Second Degree Unawareness
Not knowing what you don’t know

  22. One Person Can Make a Difference
The face of Bare Escentuals
  23. One Person Can Cause a Disaster
Identifying the bad apple

Behind the Scenes With Barrie
    Close Encounters of the Personal Kind
Experiencing celebrities without paparazzi

Part VI: Three Singles and a Grand Slam
  24. Organizational Inertia
Dealing with organizational fear
  25. The Theory of Hanging Around
Do what you do, and keep doing it
  26. Boy Was I Dumb, and Boy Did I Get Smart
How I almost bankrupted my company
  27. If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It
Mergers, acquisitions and destructions
  28. The Big Picture Theory
Taking a smaller piece of a bigger pie

Epilogue:   Work is Vastly Overrated

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