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Nice Guys Finish First

by Barrie Bergman


The image of businessmen who don't understand the meaning of ethics is commonly what people think of when they think of millionaire success. "Nice Guys Finish First: How to Succeed in Business and Life" is author Barrie Bergman's call for ethics and courtesy, claiming such virtues do have their place in the modern world of business, and do not doom their champions to failure. Packed with advice to the would-be nice guy business man, "Nice Guys Finish First" is a fine and highly recommended read.

John Burroughs, The Midwest Book Review

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Nice Guys Finish First is an entertaining, fun and provocative look at what it takes to build long-term success in business and in life. Written by co-founder of Record Bar and Bare Escentuals Barrie Bergman, this insider’s guide on how to behave when everyone else isn’t, gives hope to those who want to get results and still sleep at night. The culmination of years of experience and wisdom from building two multi-million dollar industry giants, Barrie’s insights on both human nature and the importance of ethical behavior in business prove that indeed, nice guys can finish first.  A must-read for those who want to win the rat race without becoming a rat.



Table of Contents  

Excerpt from Prologue

Excerpt from Chapter 1


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